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My name is Nicholas Ryan Mitchell, and I want to become a teacher. The children of today have so many amazing creative Ideas, but don’t know how to get those ideas out to the world. My goal is to give kids the skills and confidence they need to use their creativity, and fill this world with their brilliant Ideas.

I want kids to come out of my classrooms knowing how to make Animations, write novels, craft sculptures. They’ll learn how to go about inventing new technology, developing scientific advances, drawing comic books. I want to establish all the bases for all the means available to these brilliant kids so that they can go out and make the world a better place.

Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) has a really good base for my education to become a teacher. I have so far taken four teaching classes at SMCC; Intro to teaching, where I learned that I’m not going to make a whole lot of money, and I’m going to have to deal with some terrible emotional hurdles, but at least I’m going to have a purpose in life, and I’m going to have the opportunity to make a difference; Teaching exceptional learners, where I’m learning all about the different teaching strategies to keep students who learn differently or have a variety of mental, physical, or emotional struggles engaged and a not only functional, but important part of my classrooms; American education, where I learned that there are a ton of politics in schools, and that if I wanna be a teacher, I’ll need to recognize the patterns society has gone through; Foundations of literacy, where I’m learning all the different steps needed to develop the mind to read and write, which not only is helping me guide my daughter Soleil in her reading, but will also help me in schools.

Yes, I’m eighteen years old and I have a daughter.

I have an amazing Girlfriend named Hope, and a beautiful daughter named Soleil. Soleil is two years old. (She’ll be three may first!) She’s adorable, but as with any kid, she can be a handful sometimes, especially since we’re teenage parents.

Hope, Soleil, and I are trying out hardest to find a place to settle down, but with me juggling school, work, and my own little family, it’s hard to get enough money for us to get a place. Hope isn’t even going to school, she’s staying home with Soleil or working at Scarlet begonias in Brunswick getting paid minimum wage. Money is a real issue with us, but we’re doing our best to keep ourselves happy, and healthy.

When I’m not at home distracting Soleil from getting into things by pretending to be animals, I’m either at school or work.

I was absolutely blessed to get the job I did. I work with hilarious amazing helpful loving people, and I couldn’t ask for a better crew. These people are like my second family, and I care for them more than most people care for their co-workers. I can honestly say I would invite them all to my wedding, and if they invited me to theirs, I would go in a heart beat.

On top of working with the best group of eccentric characters ever, I also love the kind of work I do. I love people, and every day I get to say hello to every single person that I see, and it’s completely socially acceptable. If I wasn’t working here, and I said hello to you walking down the street, you’d probably look at me weird, but if a seventy year old woman walks into my coffee shop and I say “Hey beautiful!” her face lights right up. I was meant for this job.

Now, I don’t just work, and play house with Soleil. I also am an active member of my college. I’m on the student senate, and am the vice president of “The Northern Horde” a Live Action Role Playing, Renaissance, and foam sword fighting club on campus. I also am an active member of the Gaming club, and the cosplay club. I just hosted a cards against humanity tournament with prizes for the gaming club, and a few weeks afterwords, took a field trip with the cosplay club up to anime Boston dressed in a cosplay of Flynn Rider, from the Disney movie tangled. (Which is one of Soleils favorite Disney movies along with Frozen.)

So that’s my story. I’m just a geeky barista daddy, who is trying his best to pay the bills while he adds more tools to his toolbox that he will eventually use to inspire kids, and help them unlock the skills and confidence they need to use their creativity.


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Probablly captain underpants. Or “zombie butts from uranas”


Anime Boston Photos from Saturday & Sunday. 

I didn’t take very many this year….actually I think a lot of these were taken by my boyfriend XD

Officially made a logo and came up with character names for my web-comic Job Floaters.


Today between classes I spent time with the magic players because nerdy guys are really nice, and in class one of them was talking to me before a test. He gave me a card and told me I should play sometime. image

Now, I didn’t think too much of it upon first glance. I’m not all too insightful but I…

somebody appreciated my handy work. :D



so good.

A comic That I made for my sequential arts class in the 9 hours before it was do.